Streaming tips using the OneRoom App

5 tips to make sure you have the best experience possible when streaming with the OneRoom App

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The OneRoom App is designed to allow Funeral Directors to record, stream, and manage funeral services with their mobile device. 

While OneRoom In-Chapel will automatically record and stream a service via fixed cameras on the day it is scheduled, the OneRoom App allows you to stream from any location that has an internet connection using your mobile device as the camera.

Current customers use the OneRoom App to stream graveside, receptions, and many more indoor and outdoor locations. Think of all of the new locations you now have the ability to include remote family members in!

You can download the OneRoom App today for free via the Apple App Store (for Apple devices) .

Here are 5 tips make sure you have the best experience possible when streaming with the OneRoom App:

1. When it comes to audio, closer is better

It’s important to get everything you want on video in the frame and make sure your mobile device is close enough to pick up the voices of those who are speaking. We’ve found that 10 feet/ 3 meters from the podium or area of speaking is typically the sweet spot but every mobile device is different.

You can find out where yours is by doing a test run using your mobile device’s regular video camera. It’ll only take a minute or two of recording for you to understand the type of audio your mobile is capable of capturing from different distances. Streaming and recording through the OneRoom App will have near identical audio levels.

If improve the audio quality of your recordings and your mobile streaming set up, here’s a list of recommended hardware you can use to take your streams to the next level:


Magnus TR-13 Travel Tripod

Connects mobile device / mic to tripod

Ulanzi Cold shoe

External mic with windscreen for outdoor streaming

Movo VRX 10 Shotgun mic with Windscreen

Backup battery power for mobile device

Anker 10000 Power Bank

Charge mobile device and powerbank simultaneously after stream

APC surge strip

OneRoom Off-Site mobile kit

2. If you’re streaming from a new location, check your internet speed

There are a few different ways to check your internet speed. At OneRoom, we prefer to use the Speedtest App by Ookla for Apple. It’s simple to use, one push of a button and it will show you your download and upload speed.

You need a minimum of a stable 3.0 MB upload speed to stream without disruption so if you’re using cell service, make sure you try a few potential camera positions at the location in case you’re not meeting that threshold. If you have done so and you’re still not making the cut, consider using your wifi options and run the test again.

If for whatever reason the connection is still not as stable as we would like, don’t worry. The stream may experience some disruptions but any time the OneRoom App is streaming, it is also recording a video that isn’t affected by internet consistency/stability nor internet speed.


3. Make sure your mobile device is using the latest update

The OneRoom App is designed to run on a wide variety of mobile devices but will run best if done so with the recommended operating system version.

We recommend using:

Apple devices using iOS 14.0 or later

To check which version of your operating system you’re running on your device:

Apple devices:
Settings ➔ General ➔ About ➔ Scroll down to see which iOS version you’re currently running


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4. When using the “Add 15” button, make sure you have at least 5 minutes left in the service

At OneRoom, we realize that things don’t always go according to schedule. That’s why we included the ability to add 15 more minutes to any service with the touch of a button even while streaming. Don’t worry if a service looks like it will last much longer than you anticipated, you can do so as many times as you need.

The only caveat here is that the service needs to be extended before the last 5 minutes. If you try to extend the service and there are only 4 minutes left before its current end time, the extension may not work. Don’t worry about stopping the stream before the time you allocated for it is up, but keep in mind that if it needs to be extended, you’ll need to do so before you have only 5 minutes left.

5. Upload your recording once the stream is finished

When a service is done streaming, a recording of that stream will be available for viewing or download on the OneRoom Platform. This recording will however include any stuttering or internet drops that occurred during the stream.

Fortunately, while the OneRoom App was streaming, it was also recording to your mobile device a video file that was completely unaffected by the quality of your internet connection. Which means that you can replace this livestream recording with a pristine version by uploading the service from your own phone to the OneRoom Platform in seconds.

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Here are a few quick bonus suggestions:

- Put your mobile device on “Do Not Disturb” mode to avoid any interruptions during the stream.

- Close all other apps before streaming the service to make sure the OneRoom App doesn’t have to fight for hardware resources.

- Make sure your mobile device is fully charged before streaming.

We hope these tips will help you make the most out of the new OneRoom App.