How to upload the local recording of your remote event on the OneRoom app

If you encounter issues with your network connection during a remote stream, you can upload a backup copy from your device.

  • Tap into the "Archived Recordings" tab of the OneRoom Remote app.
  • Here you will see a list of all your past events and the storage available on your device.
  • Tap on the event you wish to upload. 1
  • Press “Upload” to initiate the process of recovering the recording.   2
  • The device will remind you to ensure you are on Wifi and to leave the app open.  Upload time will depend on the length of service plus the speed of your internet connection.3
  • You will see the screen change as the recording is being uploaded from the device4
  • Now you will see the timestamp and length of the upload, along with a confirmation5
  • Once the service is uploaded, go into the OneRoom console and click the "View" button to ensure the process completed properly.
  • When you have confirmed the recording, go back into your device and delete the event to preserve local storage space.