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What's the difference between a Venue Admin login and Funeral Director login?

Both Venue Admins and Funeral Directors login types have access to the OneRoom Admin website, but what's the difference?

Venue Admins are location staff that are able to - among other things - book and edit a OneRoom service, and add the initial stream invitees for a service.

A Venue Admin account is created by OneRoom for location staff, and can be specific to a person or a branch, and can also be set up to have access to multiple chapels/locations.

Any venue with OneRoom can have an unlimited amount of Venue Admin accounts created - whatever is suitable for the location.


Funeral Directors - in terms of OneRoom access types - are a slimmed-down account that can only access a service already booked by a Venue Admin, and is primarily able to edit the invitee list and send invitation emails.

This account is especially useful for 'third-party' funeral directors that are not employed by the venue of the service, as it allows them to adjust only services where a Venue Admin has specifically listed them as a Funeral Director without having any visibility of other services at the same venue where they are not listed as a Funeral Director.

A Funeral Director account is initially created automatically the first time that any Venue Admin lists the Funeral Director on the invitee list of any event. The Funeral Director will then receive login information via email, and from that point on will be able to access any service that any Venue Admin has made them a Funeral Director for.