How to start a remote stream

Need to start a live stream from the OneRoom Remote mobile app? Follow these steps.


  1. Launch the OneRoom Remote app on your mobile device.Screenshot_20210217-090134_OneRoom Remote
  2. Tap "Preview Remote Live" to check the camera angle and zoom for your eventScreenshot_20210217-090159_OneRoom Remote

  3. When you are ready to start your Remote stream tap "Go Live"Screenshot_20210217-093910_OneRoom Remote
  4. Once your stream is live you can adjust the zoom, pause the event.Screenshot_20210217-094250_OneRoom Remote
  5. To extend the run time, tap "+15 Minutes" this will prompt you to confirm you wish to add 15 minutes to the event. Be sure to do this with at least 15 minutes to go in the event.Screenshot_20210217-094258_OneRoom Remote
  6. When the event has ended tap "Stop & Exit" this will end the live stream and begin to archive the event for your guest to watch on demand.