Best Practices - Remote Streaming

Looking for tips to make your remote stream the best possible quality?


  • Schedule test streams before services and especially when streaming from a new
    •  Only use the Preview button right before you are ready to start the service
  • Run tests for at least 2 minutes to preserve the connection

Network Connection

  • Remote Live relies on wifi connection or cell coverage. Advise families of the limitations and assure them of a local recording to upload if necessary


  • Schedule at least 2 hours prior to the service
  • Set recording to begin on time and add extra time at the end

Service Notes

  • Position device no more than 15-20 feet away from celebrants
    • Be closer to speakers if a powered P/A or speaker is unavailable. 
  • Environmental challenges affect outdoor services. Windy days make audio difficult to pick up. Very warm or cold days affect battery performance.  

Extending Services

  • Extend at least 15 minutes before the scheduled end time.
  • Only extend from the device that is recording or from a computer console (not another remote device)

Preserve Local Space

  • Review the service afterward.  If the local recording is not needed, delete it from archives.