How the invitation for family contact works

Explanation of the email invitation when it is sent to the family

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Make sure that the Family Contact name and email has been entered for the event.  

    • This can be done when first scheduling: 

    • Or added after scheduling on the Event Page using the "Add Contact" button
  • Select which emails you would like to receive the invitation and click the "Send Invitation" button

    Send out invitation
  • The Family Contact will receive an email from OneRoom with your venue listed in the Subject Line

  • Once opened, the invitation will have all pertinent details for the service that have been entered by funeral home staff. 
    • Name
    • Photo
    • Date of the scheduled live-stream
    Email updated V1

  • The "View the Service" button will take the guest to the Virtual Waiting Room before the service and to the stream or recording once the service has begun or completed.  As stated above the button, this link is active for 90 days
  • The Family Contact can click the "Forward Invitation" button and send it to as many people as they wish.  All they need are the name and email address of the intended recipient.

  • Every email address that receives this forward will be logged in the console under Event Contacts.