How to upload a pre-recorded service

Already recorded a service on a camera, phone or other device? Here's how to get it on to OneRoom

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Copy the service recording files to somewhere easy to locate on your PC or mobile device.
  • Head to
  • Enter your login details

  • Click New Event 

    New Event
  • Select your Venue from the dropdown menu
  • Select Stream Type as UPLOAD

  • Enter the name of the deceased
  • Enter their date of birth and date of death
  • Click “Select Image” and upload an image of the deceased

    Image upload
  • Enter the family contact name and email address
  • Select their Access from the drop down menu - click here for more info on access levels

    event contact
  • The Start date/time and End date/time cannot be back-dated for when the event occurred.  Leave them as they are for the current time of upload.

  • Press Save button

    Save Button
  • Crop the picture if you uploaded one - Press Crop button

    Crop image
  • You will then be automatically directed to the Upload menu.  Click "+Add Video" to select the files from your Downloads folder. Locate the service recording file you wish to upload on your PC/mobile device and select 'Open' (file names shown are examples only).

    • If you have multiple clips, you can either select them all and click "Open" or load them one at a time by using the +Add Video button each time.

    • When all files are uploaded, click "Complete Upload"

    • You will then need to confirm the event.

    • After confirming, the console will notify you via email that the process has completed. 

    • Once finished, the event can be shared with the Family Contact via link or event invitation.