How do I add download access for someone on an invitee list?

Not all invitees have download access automatically, so here's how to change access types

There are three different types of access for any given person.
The three types are:

  • Family Contact - Has full access to watch live/later, and download
  • Invited Guest - Has access to watch live/later, but not download
  • Funeral Director - Has access to watch live/later, but not download
    This access level also creates a special Funeral Director login for our Admin website, allowing the funeral director to make some adjustments to the service's invitee list, such as change the access level for any invitee, add or remove invitees.

    Note: The funeral director will only have access to services where they are listed with the Funeral Director access type.

For someone to be able to download, they need to be set as a 'Family Contact'.

  1. Log into the OneRoom Admin website with your admin login details (contact us if you're not sure about this)
  2. Locate the service in question on the calendar, or by searching the surname in the top-right corner, and click on the service.
  3. On the service's overview page, scroll down to the invitee list or 'Event Contacts'.
  4. If the person you wish to provide Download access to is already listed, check that their 'Access' is listed as 'Family Contact'. If it's not, click the Edit icon on the right hand side next to the appropriate person.
    (If the person in question is not listed, click the 'Add Contact' button above the existing list.)
  5. This will open a pop-up window. Select the drop-down box next to 'Access' and change it to 'Family Contact', then click Save.
    (If you're adding a new person, fill in the Name and Email details too)
  6. Now that you have enabled download access, you can send them the Download Email which provides them with a direct link to our download purchase page. To do so, make sure they are 'ticked' on the invitation list and then click the 'Download Email' button seen in the picture on step 3