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Memorializing the funeral service so you don’t miss a thing

As grief and responsibilities consume us during a funeral, it's very natural for many to find we don’t recall much of the service afterwards. The strong emotions can leave a hazy recollection of the day we came together.

The answer to this is to memorialize the funeral by having it recorded. Allowing you to revisit the precious moments shared.  

We understand the thought of revisiting the funeral again may seem emotionally daunting. Some expect the day to be painful and that you will not want to relive those feelings. However, what you might not expect is the rare, touching, and vulnerable moments of real human connection that are often shared between your family and friends as you all come together. These precious moments can actually be such a comfort to revisit later, when you have the time and space to take them in. 

"I didn't remember much of Adam's funeral; it was a blur to me. The video was, and still is so precious to me. "

Here are two additional reasons why memorializing the service can benefit you and your family:

Welcoming those who can’t be there in person

For those facing distance, health limitations, work commitments, or other unforeseen circumstances, physical attendance at a funeral might not be possible. It is so important to them that they are able to honor your loved one by attending the funeral and showing you their support. Through streaming the service online, we extend the warmth of the ceremony to family and friends who can't be there in person. 

Create a legacy for your family:

With the power of the recording, funeral ceremonies can coexist alongside your family tree. A recording provides the context the next generation needs to understand their ancestor—it captures the life, the stories, the memories, and the impact of your loved one whom they may never have met. This cherished recording becomes a lasting legacy, allowing future generations to know and appreciate their roots.

With so much to think about as you organize your loved ones' service, decisions to capture the memories shared at the funeral can understandably fall to the wayside. However, by speaking with your funeral arranger and ensuring a recording occurs, you'll provide yourself, relatives, and future generations with a piece of family history. It allows you to preserve the essence of the event and share the precious moments with those who could not attend in person, keeping your loved one's memory alive for years to come.