Best Practices – In Chapel

Looking for tips to make your stream the best possible quality?


  • Practice makes perfect! Schedule “test” streams as often as needed. Staff meetings make for good test events and you can easily share them with coworkers who were unavailable! 
  • It's a good idea to schedule a test stream if you've recently completed construction projects or technology updates in your chapel. This is to ensure that all your streaming equipment is still functioning as originally installed 


  • Create the event at least 2 hours in advance of the service
  • Schedule time generously around events. Set it to start about 10-15 minutes before the service and end 20-30 minutes after
  • After creating the event, send an invitation to the Family Contact, even if the link is posted on the obituary

Service Notes

  • Unless using an external microphone, audio is connected directly from the podium microphone
    • Place a note on podium as a reminder to ask all speakers & celebrants to speak directly into the microphone
  • Use the house system for all music, OneRoom will not pick up external speakers
    • Examples: bands or clergy that bring their own equipment

Extending Services

  • Download the OneRoom Remote app on your smartphone to schedule the end time
  • Make sure to extend at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled end time


  • ALL services are 100% private until you share them publicly or via invite